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Buccal Fat Removal

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What is Buccal Fat Removal?


Buccal fat is a specific fat pad within the soft portion of the cheek, positioned in the hollow region beneath the cheekbone, and situated between the facial muscles. Excess fat in this area can cause aesthetic issues like a rounded or chubby appearance.

Protrusion on this fat can give the appearance of jowls. This can be fixed using the right cosmetic procedure—buccal fat removal. In this procedure, excess buccal fat is removed from the lower cheeks to reduce extra puffiness and fullness and to bring more definition and leanness to the lower facial contour. Through this process, a more sculpted appearance can be achieved. At Troiano Facial Plastic Surgery in West Palm Beach buccal fat removal is often performed in conjunction with other surgical and non-surgical procedures to subtly optimize one’s unique beauty.

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Buccal Fat Removal Procedure

Before the procedure, you will be provided detailed pre-procedure and post-procedure instructions. The procedure of buccal fat removal is a quick outpatient procedure that usually takes about an hour to complete. Local anesthesia is used to ensure no pain is felt during the procedure.

Small incisions are made on the inside of the cheek to safely remove the fat pads. According to the anatomy of the face and the amount of extra fat, a portion of the fat pad will be removed. This can also be performed in combination with other facial surgeries. The incisions would then be closed with dissolvable sutures. After the procedure, you will wear a head dressing for a few days. A special mouthwash will be prescribed to prevent infections.

Buccal Fat Removal Candidates

When you apply for buccal fat removal West Palm Beach facial plastic surgeon Dr. Chelsea Troiano will determine whether you are a candidate for this surgery after listening to your concerns and desires in conjunction with a careful facial analysis. Ideal candidates for buccal fat removal are non-smokers who have:

  • Excess buccal fat causing unappealing facial contours
  • Good physical health
  • A healthy weight

During Your Consultation

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Before the in-office procedure is performed, Dr. Troiano would determine whether this procedure would help achieve your optimal beauty goals.

During this consultation, you would be encouraged to converse freely with Dr. Troiano in a friendly and relaxed environment about your problems and expectations. You would also need to disclose your medical history, including past and present medical conditions and details of any medications you are taking. Dr. Troiano will carry out an examination of your facial anatomy with you to better understand what is causing the concern to determine if this procedure would be beneficial. The details of the surgery and the implications over time will also be discussed in detail.

Buccal Fat Removal with Dr. Troiano

In order to get the best results from your surgery, it is important to find the right skilled, experienced, facial plastic surgeon for your procedure.

With years of experience helping people look and feel better, Dr. Troiano knows the ins-and-outs of buccal fat removal in great detail and is able to produce results that can really provide aesthetic improvements. If you are facing problems with overly full or chubby cheeks and want a more defined look for your face, get in touch with us over the phone to schedule a consultation.

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Recovery After Buccal Fat Removal

Complete recovery from buccal fat removal usually takes up to three weeks. You will be able to consume a liquid to soft diet for a few days until the incisions inside of your mouth fully heal. Once Dr. Troiano sees that the incisions have healed, a normal diet can be resumed.

Minimal swelling and bruising can be expected after the surgery. These will subside over time. You will need to closely follow the instructions provided by the doctor regarding taking care of yourself in order to have a speedy and hassle-free recovery. Dr. Troiano will follow up with you after your surgery to ensure your recovery is proceeding as expected.

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