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What Is Forehead Contouring?


Forehead contouring is a facial enhancement procedure that uses plastic surgery techniques to reshape the bone and tissue of the forehead. It is commonly performed in conjunction with other facial plastic surgery procedures, such as a facelift or upper eye lift, but can also have great success as a standalone procedure.

Patients who have a protruding or uneven forehead, for example, can achieve a smoother facial contour through this procedure. Forehead contouring techniques are often used in forehead reduction procedures, as well, though they may not always be performed together.

Forehead Contouring West Palm Beach

Forehead Contouring Procedure

Everyone’s cosmetic concerns vary slightly. Every patient seeking forehead contouring may require different techniques to achieve their desired results. Dr. Troiano tailors each procedure to suit her patient’s needs accordingly.

The surgery may involve trimming away excess bone and skin to alter the definition and shape of the facial structure. During your consultation for forehead contouring West Palm Beach facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Troiano can discuss your unique concerns and the best way to correct them.

Benefits of Forehead Contouring Surgery

Forehead enhancement and contouring surgery is a delicate procedure that can help to smooth out and improve the forehead and upper face area that the patient has had since they were born. The goal is often to achieve a more smooth and attractive forehead that enhances your facial contours. Patients who may have a prominent brow bone can have this softened with forehead contouring surgery.

Am I a Good Candidate for Forehead Contouring?

Forehead Contouring West Palm Beach


Cosmetic surgery procedures like forehead contouring are recommended to patients who have aesthetic concerns with their brow and upper facial region. Forehead contouring can sometimes be achieved through non-surgical methods, which can be a good alternative for patients who cannot or don’t want to undergo plastic surgery.

Eligible candidates include men and women 18 years and older who are in good general health and can safely undergo surgery. They should understand the risks of forehead surgery and have realistic expectations for the procedure. Patients should be non-smokers or plan to quit several weeks or months before their surgery to reduce risks of blood clots and other complications.

How Much Does Forehead Contouring Cost?

Forehead contouring is tailored to suit a patient’s unique needs and aesthetic goals. The approach Dr. Troiano takes to achieve the desired results will determine your final costs.

Patients can expect to factor in things like anesthesia, technical costs for the surgical team, aftercare, and more. You’ll be able to discuss these details with Dr. Troiano during your initial conversation.

Why Dr. Troiano for Facial Contouring in West Palm Beach

South Florida is a popular destination for patients seeking plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancements. However, the density and fast-pace of cities like Miami and the Beaches can be hectic, especially when trying to recover from surgery. Dr. Troiano’s private facial surgery practice in Palm Beach offers luxurious treatment options at an elite facility.

West Palm Beach forehead contouring patients can enjoy privacy, comfort, and high-end amenities at our facility. Our Advanced Aesthetic Surgical Practice is led by Chelsea Troiano, MD, a fellowship-trained and double-board eligible facial and reconstructive plastic surgeon. Dr. Troiano uses her impeccable attention to detail and understanding of beauty to optimize your face rather than change it.

Dr. Troiano West Palm Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon

Forehead Contouring FAQs

Facial enhancement surgery is a popular choice for any patient who wants to optimize the proportions of their face. When performed by a plastic surgeon who is trained and specialized in head and neck surgery, it can reduce the risk of pain, discomfort, and risk during and after the surgery.

It can include many different types of surgery and surgical techniques that target the features individually or one comprehensive procedure that addresses all your facial concerns at once. At our facility in Palm Beach, we use carefully monitored anesthesia to help ensure patients are comfortable during surgery.

Absolutely! Patients who are looking to correct a naturally high hairline might consider forehead contouring to help deliver a smooth, youthful result.

Forehead contouring can smooth out any bumps and make sure that the hairline lowering looks as natural as possible and patients can achieve a soft, more rounded, and feminine facial contour.

Forehead contouring is considered elective surgery. This means it is not likely to be covered by health insurance.

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