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What is a Lip Lift?


A lip lift is an excellent choice for anyone who sees that their upper lip has become longer over the years. Where they were once able to see their upper teeth with talking and smiling, they might notice that this no longer happens. Others might have an upper lip that is flat or turns into the mouth instead of flipping out slightly.

Improving these subtle features of the upper lip help achieve a more harmonious overall appearance, while others may seek out a change in particular features, such as the lips, to achieve a more dramatic result. A lip lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure performed under local anesthesia on those seeking a solution to the upper lip appearing too long and covering the upper teeth when talking or smiling. This is an often overlooked element of facial aging that gives away one’s age. A lip lift procedure, with or without augmentation, unlike non-surgical lip enhancements, can help to correct excess space between the nose and mouth and make your pout appear more youthful.

Lip Lift West Palm Beach

Lip Lift Procedure

A lip lift procedure is a cosmetic enhancement that uses careful surgical techniques to help achieve a more aesthetically pleasing lip contour. Everyone’s experience may vary slightly, due to their unique needs and West Palm Beach facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Troiano’s desire is to offer a tailored solution to everyone individually.

However, the lip lift procedure generally involves creating an incision along the base of the nose and removing excess skin to raise and evert the edges of the upper lip. This effectively reduces the excess space between the nose and upper lip. It enhances the cupid's bow, and improves “tooth show” so that your upper teeth are visible while talking and smiling.

What Are the Benefits of a Lip Lift?

Lip Lift West Palm Beach


A lip lift, like most facial enhancement procedures, is intended to help patients achieve facial harmony and feel more confident with their appearance.

An issue like an elongated philtrum (the small indentation that runs from your nostrils to your upper lip) can be corrected with a lip lift. The benefits of a lip lift often include a more youthful, put-together appearance that helps bring out your features and enhances your overall facial profile.

How Much Does A Lip Lift Cost?

The cost of cosmetic surgery will generally vary slightly for each patient, especially if they opt to combine it with additional enhancements or treatments.

To discuss the cost of a lip lift treatment with or with volume enhancement in Palm Beach, schedule a consultation with Dr. Troiano. Our procedures are customized to suit everyone’s individual needs, and we are always happy to offer a pricing solution that is based on your unique treatment. To gather the final cost of your lip lift, Dr. Troiano will consider your cosmetic goals and the extent of treatment indicated to achieve them.

Why Choose Dr. Troiano for Lip Lift

Dr. Troiano strives to deliver the best lip lift West Palm Beach has to offer and is a double board-eligible Facial Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon. She is fellowship-trained and offers a unique perspective, level of care and attention to patients seeking aesthetic enhancements.

She approaches her craft with refinement and elegance, while never compromising on the quality of care. Dr. Troiano offers the highest level of cosmetic care to men and women throughout South Florida who are seeking to enhance their appearance and reduce signs of aging.

Her Advanced Aesthetic Surgical Practice welcomes patients traveling from all over, especially those who are looking for a refined and private approach. Dr. Troiano specializes in combining treatments to help West Palm Beach lip lift patients obtain the best possible results.

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Lip Lift FAQs

Lip enhancements are very popular among patients who want to achieve a more subtly youthful pout. A lip lift is a permanent surgical solution that can help to improve certain aesthetic concerns with this part of the face. Naturally, you may experience some shifts in your skin laxity and lip size or shape, as these can start to diminish over time since your body produces less collagen as you age.

Our plastic surgery procedures are always delivered with attention to detail and extreme precision. Dr. Troiano uses her expertise and delicate hand to help provide a comfortable level of care from the beginning to the end of your procedure and well into your aftercare. This procedure is performed with local anesthesia in the office. Patient’s usually described it as being mildly uncomfortable during healing and this is managed with ice, acetaminophen and ibuprofen.

Ideal candidates for a lip lift procedure are those who have a longer distance between their nose and colored portion of their upper lip. This can be how we were born or develop overtime as we get older. This procedure also naturally enhances the fullness of the upper lip by everting the edges slightly. It can also be a good option for patients who want to help reveal more of their teeth when they smile or are resting. It can also help to lift the corners of the mouth.

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