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Aqua Gold West Palm Beach

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What is Aqua Gold?


Aqua Gold is a microchannel microinjector. The first of its kind, this innovative microneedling device uses micro-thin 24 karat needles to combine luxury and function to patients who want to boost their cosmetic treatments.

The needles are thinner than a hair follicle and can be used with products such as PRP and PRF, dermal fillers, skincare enhancements, and more! The precision and effectiveness of this specialized device can help patients achieve beautiful results with our pre-existing treatments.

It’s a revolutionary new way for non-surgical treatments to be administered to West Palm Beach Aqua Gold patients. The Aqua Gold fine touch system is a sleek handheld device that offers precision control.

Aqua Gold West Palm Beach

Aqua Gold Procedure

Aqua Gold is a luxe delivery system for popular cosmetic treatments. The application and treatment vary based on a patient’s needs. Specifically, solutions can be customized to address skin laxity, skin dullness, uneven texture, fine lines and wrinkles, and discoloration. Your technician will press the application directly into the treatment area and the vial will release the solution chosen by you and your surgeon to address your specific needs.

The 24k gold needles create microchannels in your skin to deliver your customized skincare solution to the deeper tissues of the skin. When administered by a qualified facial plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Toriano, AquaGold’s Fine Touch applicator can gracefully deliver powerful ingredients to your skin.

Am I a Candidate for Aqua Gold Treatments?

West Palm Beach Aqua Gold


To determine whether you can incorporate the Aqua Gold delivery system into your cosmetic surgery or non-invasive treatment, you’ll first need to schedule a consultation with Dr. Troiano.

From there you can talk about your cosmetic concerns and what you wish you could do about them. Whether you have a clear idea in mind or are just looking for a professional option, a consultation will help you understand if you are an eligible candidate and what you can expect from combining Aqua Gold with your preferred or recommended treatment options.

How much does Aqua Gold cost?

Aqua Gold is a delivery system that can be incorporated with other treatments to boost the effects and maximize your potential results. It can be factored in as an additional cost to other treatments, but this will all vary depending on your unique request, needs, and what Dr. Troiano requires to help you achieve your beauty goals.

Why should I consider Dr. Troiano?

Are you looking for a discreet plastic surgery facility that offers luxurious treatment options in a relaxing environment? Dr. Troiano’s facility in West Palm Beach offers just that and more.

Instead of traveling to heavily congested areas like Beverly Hills, LA, or NYC, visit the affluent community in Palm Beach county. The fabulous city of Miami is nearby, so patients can still experience the glamor of South Beach.

As a West Palm Beach facial plastic surgeon, she has trained exclusively in surgical procedures on the face and neck for the last six years. Dr. Troiano strives to deliver the best Aqua Gold West Palm Beach has to offer. During this time, she has honed her aesthetic eye and is able to deliver subtle results that optimize each individual patient’s beauty.

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Dr. Troiano West Palm Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon

Aqua Gold FAQs

Aqua Gold is a delivery system for other treatments. It uses 24-carat gold needles to create microchannels in the skin that allow dermal fillers, PRP injections, Botox, lightening solutions, and more to penetrate deep into the tissue.

How long these procedures last will vary based on the extent of treatment required and the active ingredients in the procedure. Aqua Gold may help some of these effects last longer than they would without the delivery system.

Insurance companies may cover some cosmetic treatments if they have an underlying medical reason. However, most are considered elective procedures and do not fall under traditional policies.

Most patients who combine Aqua Gold with their nonsurgical treatment or plastic surgery procedure find that it can seriously boost their results. It is often worth using as the delivery system, especially with treatments like PRP injections, which need to reach deep into the layers of skin to really stimulate cell regeneration. It can even help naturally stimulate collagen and slowly reverse or reduce signs of aging. Patients love this procedure to get their skin the best it has ever looked before a big event or even to boost their confidence in their day-to-day lives as this procedure has very minimal downtime.

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Our luxury concierge practice is committed to providing aesthetic solutions to those in the Palm Beach community seeking ageless beauty and confidence. Your experience at Troiano Facial Plastics will be one that nurtures, restores and revives your self-image.

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