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Jawline Reduction

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What Is Jawline Reduction?


Do you have a prominent, dominant, or protruding jawline? A jawline reduction surgery is a cosmetic surgery procedure that can help to correct these aesthetic concerns through facial contouring and restructuring.

Generally, the goal of this procedure is to make the jawline rounder smoother, and oftentimes more feminine. This is popular among adults who want to soften their facial profile and overall appearance.

Along with cheekbones, the jawline can be a very distracting feature, especially if it does align with your other facial features. Jawline reduction may commonly be performed alongside a cheek augmentation or chin reduction.

Jawline Reduction West Palm Beach

Jawline Reduction Procedure

The jawline reduction procedure is a delicate facial plastic surgery procedure. Patients will be placed under general anesthesia and incisions will be made within the mouth so that the bone structure can be contoured as needed.

The approach and technique Dr. Troiano uses will vary based on each patient’s unique requirements and facial structure. Together, you can discuss what to expect during your personalized procedure.

Is a Jawline Reduction Worth It?

Jaw reduction surgery uses different cosmetic surgery techniques to slim down the bone and muscle in the jaw to achieve a slimmer facial contour. The desired facial appearance is generally a slim Y-shape, which is lifted, perky, and youthful.

A sharp, protruding jawline or chin can often distract from this and cause a wide or disproportionate facial profile. When performed by a plastic surgeon who understands the delicacy and every patient’s needs individually, a jawline reduction can offer slimming results.

Am I a Candidate for Jawline Reduction?

West Palm Beach Jawline Reduction


A jawline reduction is recommended for patients who have a square, masculine, or sharply defined jaw that does not complement or work with the rest of their facial structure. Patients who want to see a softer, more feminine, and youthful facial contour are good candidates for a jawline reduction.

West Palm Beach jawline reduction patients should be in good general health, able to undergo surgery, and have realistic expectations for their results. You should discuss certain medications or lifestyle habits like smoking and drinking with Dr. Troiano during your initial consultation.

Jawline Reduction Cost

Jawline reduction surgery is carefully customized to suit every patient’s needs and facial contour individually. The cost will vary on the unique factors needed to achieve the desired results, as well as the technical costs of anesthesia, the operating theater, Dr. Troiano and her surgical team, and more.

Why Choose Dr. Troiano

Dr. Chelsea Troiano is a fellowship-trained facial and reconstructive plastic surgeon with extensive educational and professional credentials and a deep understanding of beauty treatments with a feminine touch.

She understands the importance of helping patients look and feel their best, so she delivers VIP-level service to patients in the Palm Beach area, which features the glam and luxe of South Beach with a quiet and prestigious feel. Dr. Troiano strives to deliver the best jawline reduction West Palm Beach has to offer and will deliver an experience that can help you achieve your beauty goals and feel more rejuvenated after every visit.

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Dr. Troiano West Palm Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon

Jawline Reduction FAQs

Cosmetic surgery and facial enhancement procedures are generally considered elective surgery. Most health insurance providers don’t cover elective procedures, such as jawline reduction surgery.

Dr. Troiano employs careful methods and techniques to offer patients a high level of comfort and care. Plastic surgery procedures such as jawline reduction are performed in a sterile environment under anesthesia.

Patients won’t feel any pain during the procedure. It is common to feel some discomfort after surgery but this can be managed. If you are experiencing an unusual amount of pain after a jawline reduction or facial contouring procedure, contact your surgeon right away.

Facial contouring procedures like jawline reduction will require patients to take downtime. Following aftercare instructions carefully can help reduce recovery time for some patients. After the initial surgery, patients will likely have some swelling and discomfort or pressure. This can be managed with cold compresses and pain medication as prescribed and directed by your surgeon.

Patients will see that most of the discomfort will subside in the two weeks, with final results within six months after their initial surgery. This is because there are large muscles that attach to the jaw that are manipulated during the surgery. They tend to swell and take a while to redefine themselves to their final optimized appearance. You will be instructed to keep your head elevated and sleep in careful positions to reduce swelling and risk of infection or complication. You may also need to wear compression bandages and avoid strenuous activity for at least six weeks.

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