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What Is a Brow Lift?


Are you experiencing the frustration of sagging skin on your upper eyelids and you notice that your eyebrows are too low and no longer have an arch? Are you feeling like your upper part of your face is making you seem tired and aged? The brow lift is a remarkable surgical procedure designed to elevate the skin of the forehead and eyebrow, offering a solution to sagging brows, smoothing out lines and wrinkles, and revitalizing the upper part of your face, getting you back to a youthful and alert appearance.

Often performed alongside a facelift or eyelid lift surgery for comprehensive facial rejuvenation, the brow lift is available in several techniques, varying in invasiveness. Rest assured, when entrusted to the expertise of a board-certified facial plastic surgeon or plastic surgeon, the results can be truly transformative and enduring.

The expertise and meticulous approach of Dr. Chelsea Troiano, MD, a skilled Palm Beach facial plastic surgeon, can significantly impact the outcome of your brow lift. This procedure offers an effective solution for patients with a prominent or heavy brow that has resulted in a ‘hooded’ look around the eyes.

West Palm Beach Brow Lift

What is a Temporal Brow Lift?

Facial cosmetic surgery encompasses several different techniques known by different names. At Troiano Facial Plastic Surgery in West Palm Beach, a temporal brow lift is a type of brow lift. It is not as invasive as a traditional browlift and focuses on restoring the shape of the eyebrow by the temples. This particular procedure is also referred to as a mini forehead lift, mini brow lift, or lateral brow lift.

Regardless of which name is used to describe it, its purpose remains consistent: addressing the typical signs of aging in the face, such as sagging skin and a drooping brow position. West Palm Beach brow lift provider, Dr. Troiano firmly believes in tailoring cosmetic surgery procedures to meet each patient’s unique requirements. As such, she provides precise, expertly applied treatments like the mini brow lift to cater to individuals who may not necessitate the traditional, more invasive approach. A full brow lift constitutes an extensive procedure capable of delivering remarkable outcomes for mature patients requiring a comprehensive repositioning of their entire eyebrow to enhance their facial contour. The process involves lifting the tissues of the brow and forehead, realigning them to the correct position, and trimming away any excess skin to ensure sustainable long-term results.

Known interchangeably as a forehead lift, it primarily focuses on the forehead region. In cases where necessary, the procedure may involve adjusting the hairline by pulling it downward to a lower position. A temporal brow lift, however, works to achieve similar results, but on a smaller scale. This option is well-suited for patients seeking more subtle enhancements or desiring sharper definition along the brow edges. A gentler approach to restoring the youthful curves of the face often yields the most natural results.

Brow Lift Procedure

The brow lift procedure can be carried out through various techniques, but the most common approach involves creating incisions along or behind the hairline. Subsequently, the skin and soft tissues are carefully repositioned to achieve a more youthful appearance to the eye and eyebrows. In certain cases, if necessary, the hairline may be lowered, resulting in a reduction in forehead size. Patients can expect to observe a significant enhancement in skin tightness, eye radiance, and overall facial appearance. The lateral brow lift, unlike the full procedure, only uses one small incision, carefully hidden within the hairline. The procedure addresses the outer 1/3 of the brow and aims to slightly lift the eye and eyebrow to achieve a more refreshed and youthful look. It’s often used to help compliment a blepharoplasty, or eyelid lift, for patients who may be looking to brighten their appearance with a subtle but significant improvement. During your consultation for a temporal brow lift Palm Beach facial plastic surgeon Dr. Chelsea Troiano, MD, will describe the techniques offered and what you can expect from the procedure and aftercare.

Surgical Brow Lift Vs. Botox Brow Lift

Brow Lift Palm Beach


The realm of facial enhancements offers a diverse range of options, spanning from non-invasive approaches to more in-depth cosmetic surgical procedures.

Patients with forehead wrinkles, frown lines, or sagging skin above the eyes have numerous considerations to explore. For individuals seeking significant correction and desiring long-lasting, pronounced results, a surgical brow lift typically emerges as the optimal choice. However, those who may not be suitable candidates for surgery or wish to avoid the commitment and recovery associated with it can opt for non-surgical alternatives like a Botox Brow Lift. This approach can effectively reduce wrinkles in the brow, providing noticeable improvement in the correct patient as not everyone is a candidate for this. It is important to note that to sustain the surgical brow correction achieved through a brow lift, ongoing maintenance botox injections are always recommended.

How Much Does a Palm Beach Brow Lift Cost?

The price of a brow lift procedure may differ for patients. Palm Beach brow lift provider,Dr. Troiano will personally meet with you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your objectives and the extent of correction required. During this consultation, she will discuss the surgical technique and provide you with a cost estimate tailored to your specific needs. Her utmost aim is to ensure that you receive the finest brow lift available in West Palm Beach.

The cost of a brow lift in Palm Beach generally depends on the different factors needed for the procedure. These factors include expenses related to the surgical and anesthesia team, as well as any additional procedures or techniques that may be necessary to achieve your desired results. Ultimately, these considerations will impact the final cost of your lateral brow lift or full brow lift.

Why Choose Dr. Troiano for Your West Palm Beach Brow Lift

When thinking about facial enhancements, facelifts and Botox often come to mind. Undoubtedly, these are popular options for addressing common aesthetic concerns related to the skin and facial features. However, it is crucial to recognize that there are additional alternatives for individuals seeking to enhance subtle changes in their facial contours.

You deserve the utmost quality, care and latest techniques in brow lift procedures available in Palm Beach. By consulting with a skilled plastic surgeon specializing in facial procedures, you can benefit from personalized treatment options. Dr. Troiano is dedicated to achieving natural-looking results that significantly enhance your facial profile.

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Brow Lift FAQ

Cosmetic surgery aims to provide permanent or long-lasting results. Unlike non-surgical cosmetic procedures, which typically offer temporary improvements lasting a few months, an eyebrow lift, being a plastic surgery procedure, yields noticeable and enduring results. However, it’s important to note that a brow lift does not halt or prevent further signs of aging from developing.

Dr. Troiano’s private practice in Palm Beach offers flexible and affordable payment options to patients. Dr. Troiano does not accept insurance. Unfortunately, cosmetic procedures are generally not covered by insurance.

Procedures like the full eyebrow lift are typically performed under general anesthesia, ensuring that patients are comfortably asleep and not feeling any pain while Dr. Troiano does her work. If you want to avoid general anesthesia, some procedures like the lateral brow lift can be performed in the office with the aid of medicine that keeps you completely comfortable. After the surgery, it is common for patients to experience some swelling and discomfort, which is managed with ice and pain medication.

As we age, eyebrows tend to descend, giving a tired or older appearance. A brow lift effectively repositions the eyebrows to a youthful position, resulting in a brighter, more alert appearance. It is an ideal solution for patients whose drooping brows have obstructed vision by causing a ‘hooded’ effect on the upper eyelids. In such cases, it is often combined with an upper lid lift. Additionally, the procedure can be performed alongside a hairline lowering procedure to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing hairline position. This combination is beneficial for individuals who desire raised eyebrows and have concerns about the size of their forehead.

While a forehead lift is commonly sought by patients in their 40s and 50s, it can also be recommended for individuals who show early signs of aging or have a genetic predisposition to lower eyebrows or a high hairline.

During your initial consultation with Dr. Troiano, you can explore whether a brow lift is the most suitable option for you. Together, you can devise a surgical plan that best aligns with your aesthetic goals.

While the approach may be similar, a forehead lift is not the exact same procedure as a temporal brow lift. You’ll be able to fully discuss the difference between the goals and results of a forehead lift and a temporal brow lift and, together with Dr. Troiano, determine the best surgical plan for you.

Eyebrows that have lowered in position over the years are a natural part of aging and can often cause you to look or feel tired or older. A brow lift can help to reposition the eyebrows to their once more youthful position to brighten your appearance and appear more alert and youthful. It is also a great solution for patients who have brows that have fallen so much that their upper lid has “hooded” and obstructed vision.

This is usually corrected in conjunction with an upper lid lift. A brow lift can also be combined with a forehead reduction procedure to bring the hairline down to a more aesthetically-pleasing position. This is great for people who need their eyebrows brought up and who have always felt that their forehead was large.

No, a temporal brow lift does not modify the shape or angle of your eyes. Its primary objective is to address the region of the brow, providing a lift to the upper eye and forehead while maintaining the natural shape of your eyes.

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