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Deep Plane Facelift

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Facelift surgery has been around since the early 1900s. Attaining age-defying beauty by reversing common signs of aging such as sagging skin, jowls, deep creases, seems to have always been with us, as far back as Cleopatra and likely before!

Since the surgical facelift was first introduced, where only skin was pulled taut, in an effort to "cure" the signs of aging, new surgical methods have been detailed. The Deep Plane Facelift is one such procedure that repositions the deeper structures of the face, and by naturally laying down the skin over top, sculpts a refreshed, vibrant, more appropriately youthful facial composition that lasts.

Deep Plane Facelift at Troiano Facial Plastics

Chelsea Troiano, MD boasts extensive training in facelift techniques, the customization of deep plane facelifts being the only type of facelift she performs. The results of her deep plane facelift are simply exquisite, helping patients regain their jaw and neck line and lightness of the face to look fresher and rejuvenated for years to come. At her office in West Palm Beach deep plane facelifts are one of her most requested procedures.

What is a Deep Plane Facelift?


The deep plane facelift is the new type of facelift that elevates and tightens the superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS), in addition to the skin, for a more durable, natural-looking appearance. It addresses cosmetic issues such as lax cheeks, deep nasolabial folds, sagging jowls, a double chin, and neck banding.

Deep Plane Facelift West Palm Beach

Deep Plane Facelift vs. Traditional Facelift: What Sets Them Apart?

Older facelifts tend to produce an excessively tight, windswept look that most patients ought to avoid. Since deep plane facelifts work by rejuvenating the position of the deeper structures, as opposed to just the skin, the results look far more natural. This novel surgical technique also restores volume in the cheeks by releasing tension points that drag the face down, replacing this volume to a more youthful position.

What can a Deep Plane Facelift do for me?

Deep Plane Facelift West Palm Beach


Addressing facial laxity, and the other factors of facial aging with a deep plane facelift, allows patients to restore the curves of their face and neck that they once had when they were younger.

This refreshment relieves the mental load when looking in the mirror so that you can pay attention to the other important needs in your life. Palm Beach deep plane facelift patients enjoy benefits like:

  • Scarring is minimal, usually completely hidden over time
  • The results last longer than traditional facelifts
  • The face appears rejuvenated without the obvious give-aways of having had a facelift

Is a Deep Plane Facelift right for me?

Facelifts are not suitable for everyone. Patients in poor health and pregnant or breastfeeding women are not ideal candidates. It is also crucial to have realistic expectations. If you are 60 years old, a facelift will not make you look like your 20-year-old self. However, it can substantially turn the clock back on an aging face, allowing you to look smoother and revitalized.

Your Deep Plane Facelift Consultation

Dr. Troiano's personalized approach to facelifting starts with an in-person consultation.

During your deep plane facelift West Palm Beach facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Chelsea Troiano will listen attentively to attune herself to your goals and cosmetic concerns. If you are a candidate for a facelift, she will draw on her years of expertise to create a customized surgical plan. Preparing for your West Palm Beach deep plane facelift may require completing lab tests, quitting smoking, and adjusting medications. Refrain from taking NSAID medications and herbal supplements for a week beforehand, as these can increase bleeding and bruising.

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Dr. Troiano West Palm Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon

The Deep Plane Facelift Procedure

Your Palm Beach deep plane facelift may take place under local, twilight, or general anesthesia. Dr. Troiano will make small, discreet incisions near the ears. Next, she will gently lift the underlying tissues and skin. She will close the incisions with fine sutures. The length of the procedure varies depending on the extent of the facelift that needs to be performed and additional procedures used to create a flawless finish.

Aftercare and Recovery

After a deep plane facelift Palm Beach patients may feel some discomfort, facial and neck tightness, numbness, swelling, and bruising. The side effects typically resolve over the first two to three weeks but may last longer. Dr. Troiano may prescribe antibiotics or pain relievers.

Most patients return to work and socializing in 14 to 21 days. To accelerate healing, follow your aftercare instructions carefully. For example, do not pick at the incisions and avoid alcohol, herbal supplements, and blood thinners.

Your final results should begin to surface over the next several months, unveiling a smoother and more youthful mid-face and jawline. To prolong your results, treat your skin to daily SPF and premium anti-aging skincare.

Why Dr. Troiano?

As a five-star-rated female facial plastic surgeon in Palm Beach County, Dr. Chelsea Troiano has created a luxurious and discreet environment in which her patients feel at ease discussing their cosmetic concerns. She offers cutting-edge facial rejuvenation treatments based on scientifically backed research. Her wealth of knowledge on facelift techniques has made her an invaluable resource to those looking to rejuvenate their faces without obvious signs of having had work done.

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Deep Plane Facelift FAQ

Facelifts are one of the most popular aesthetic surgeries. However, only a select few facial plastic surgeons, such as Dr. Troiano, offer the deep plane facelift since it is a newer technique. The surgeon has to be intimately knowledgeable about all of the anatomy in the face and neck to release all of the structures that need to be released to give you the result you are looking for.

Deep Plane Facelifts are painless. Discomfort afterward can vary from person to person. Temporary swelling and facial tightness tend to be the most uncomfortable side effects.

As a fellowship-trained facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Troiano makes every effort to minimize risks such as infection, undesirable scarring, nerve damage, and asymmetry.

Your face will continue to age, but most patients enjoy a substantially younger-looking appearance for a decade or more.

There is no best age for a deep plane facelift. It all depends on how your face has aged over the years. Most patients start considering a facelift after age 40. Some patients desire it sooner because of significant weight loss or changes in hormones for a variety of reasons. As long as you are healthy, and Dr. Troiano believes that it will improve your features, then a facelift is right for you.

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