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Have you ever looked at pictures of yourself from 5-10 years ago and became nostalgic about the "good old days"? You know, back when your face had vibrant volume instead of a hollow look? Back in the PJ (pre-jowl) era?

It's all about your face's loss of collagen, an essential structural protein produced naturally by your body that provides a healthy foundation for firm, smooth, youthful-looking skin. But as the years pass, collagen production declines, sometimes rapidly and drastically.

This is not a good thing.

You may have heard that some dermal fillers can replace that loss of facial volume. True. But why not consider a treatment that can not only halt and reverse signs of aging but also prevent many of them in the first place?

It's called Sculptra®, and the way it works makes a lot of sense.

Sculptra® is a revolutionary injectable cosmetic that ramps up your body's collagen production. It is an FDA-approved treatment whose main ingredient is Poly-L-Lactic Acid, or PLLA. No need for us to get bogged down in a chemistry class here, but it's very safe and it works very well. PLLA gets impressive results, boosting facial volume and enhancing your skin's thickness and firmness.

Sculptra® works quickly and its results are durable. You'll see a significant difference in six weeks or less, and your treatment will hold up for up to two years. After that, most people need only one maintenance treatment per year. The procedure is minimally invasive which means, among other good things, that it requires little to no downtime. You can get right on with your life.

And unlike many other facial treatments, Sculptra® won't make you look "frozen" or "wooden." Instead, "natural" would be the way to describe Sculptra®'s results.

Does all of this sound good so far?
It gets better.

Sculptra® does not involve skin creams, fat injections, or implants. It is not a filler. Instead, it simply restarts your body's production of lots of glorious, sag-fighting collagen!

Yes, Sculptra® can correct even deep facial lines and wrinkles. Most people need a minimum of three treatments spread out over several months to maximize their results and benefits.

Treatments are not painful. Not only is a numbing cream applied to your face before your injections, but Sculptra® contains lidocaine to keep you even more comfortable.

About a week before your treatment, you'll need to stop taking supplements or medications, such as aspirin, that can sometimes elevate bleeding levels.

After your injections, you may intermittently apply an ice pack for a couple of days and gently and briefly massage your injection sites for up to five days. This keeps Sculptra® particles from clumping in one spot.

Sculptra® is considered an exceptionally safe treatment, but some people experience minor swelling, redness, or bruising at their injection sites. These symptoms, if you have them at all, will fade quickly.

Your trained provider will inject you in an office environment, and exactly ZERO preparation is required on your part.

Sculptra® can work on any area of body skin except your lips and underneath your eyes.

Since Sculptra® is a cosmetic procedure, your insurance will not cover the costs. Total treatment generally runs between $1,500 and $3,500, depending on the number of treatments required and the number of vials of Sculptra® needed. Ask about discount coupons from the makers of Sculptra® that may be available.

One more thing; make sure you choose a trained healthcare practitioner for your Sculptra® injections. This is not an Amateur Hour. At Troiano Facial Plastics, we're professionals and take your results and safety very seriously.

Maybe it's time to "turn up the volume"—with Sculptra®. Let's talk!

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