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Fresh Sensibility

The natural look is back. Gone are the times of larger-than-life cheeks and lips that are obviously overfilled. Today’s trending definition of beauty is the natural and subtle look that Dr. Troiano, West Palm Beach facial plastic surgeon, specializes in delivering to patients like you. Focusing on glamorizing the skin to soften lines and rejuvenating soft tissue volume, you will look refreshed and always like yourself; just the best version of yourself.

Skin, Skin, Skin

How do we do this? We focus on the skin first! Dr. Troiano likes to work from the outside in, starting with protection and prevention.

She enforces a strict sunscreen rule. You must wear SPF 50 every day, even when inside! This is super important to protect overall skin health, prevent fine lines and wrinkles. In addition, sun protection is key for receiving the best results post any skin procedure. Dr. Troiano harps on moisturizer use for skin types, whether you think you need it or not.

Now we have covered the basics, we can talk about the minimally invasive treatments curated to your needs. These can include microneedling with PRF and powerful antioxidants, skin resurfacing laser therapies, and a variety of 24k-gold stamped vitamin cocktails, to name a few. Dr. Troiano will formulate a plan that works to synergistically neutralize the damage accumulated on your skin over the years. The goal is to get the skin to be amazing so that you need fewer fillers and surgical procedures to obtain healthy, vibrant skin.

Youthful Volume

Now with your skin looking its best, Dr. Troiano will focus on rejuvenating the structural anatomy of your face. An obvious sign of aging is volume loss. Dr. Troiano is the premier female facial plastic surgeon in Palm Beach and is an expert in a wide range of procedures, from invasive surgery to less invasive injectables, which can be permanent, semi-permanent, or natural. No shortcuts are taken, but your lifestyle and available downtime are taken into consideration to give you the results you want.

You, But Better

Subtle and natural stands out. After your skin is optimized and your volume is perfect, your friends (and strangers) are going to assume that you have discovered nirvana.

You will have to maintain your results every four to six months to a year (except for your neurotoxin treatments, which might be more frequent). Come on in for a consultation at Troiano Facial Plastic Surgery West Palm Beach and we can help you create a plan that works for your skin health, schedule, and budget.

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Our luxury concierge practice is committed to providing aesthetic solutions to those in the Palm Beach community seeking ageless beauty and confidence. Your experience at Troiano Facial Plastics will be one that nurtures, restores and revives your self-image.

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