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What to Expect From Your Facial Plastic Surgery ConsultationTroiano Facial Plastics

More than a conversation

If you are debating whether or not to get facial plastic surgery in West Palm Beach, you may be considering a consultation. This is a great first step! Whether you decide to go through with your procedure or not, a consultation with Dr. Troiano will help you feel more confident in your decision and have a better understanding of how to maintain your look over time.

At Troiano Facial Plastics, an initial consultation is a time for you and Dr. Troiano to get to know each other, and for both of you to get to know your face a little better. Dr. Troiano will review any aspects of your face and neck you want to see changed or enhanced. She can provide insight on these areas and offer her expert guidance on ways to preserve and enhance these spots, either through prevention or intervention. She’ll also get to know your full medical background, including conditions, previous surgeries, and medications.

But you are more than your symptoms and medical history. Dr. T also takes other details into account, including your emotional wellbeing, your reasons for undergoing surgery, your expectations, and your lifestyle demands. This comprehensive review gives her the information to make tailored recommendations based on what procedures will meet your needs and your expectations. By getting to know each other and establishing goals, the consultation lays the foundation of a doctor/patient relationship that is vital to ensuring your surgery will be successful.

How to get the most out of your consultation

1. Do your homework

On our website, you will find detailed information regarding our most requested procedures. Read up on them before coming in so you have a better understanding of what you may want. The more you know about the procedure, the more comfortable you will be with the process, and the more you will get out of the questions you ask.

2. Ask questions (and write them down first!)

As an acclaimed West Palm Beach facial plastic surgeon Dr. Chelsea Troiano loves answering your questions! Her goal is to leave you feeling comfortable and well informed about your procedure. Because of that, she schedules enough time for each consultation to make sure you have the space to get your questions answered. Write them down ahead of time; this will make sure that nothing slips through the cracks during your consultation.

Here are a few sample questions that we encourage you to consider when researching your procedure:

  1. Am I a good candidate?
  2. What are the risks and benefits of the procedure?
  3. Will the procedure be done in the office or in a hospital?
  4. Will there be any downtime after the procedure?
  5. How long does the procedure take?
  6. Does the procedure take one visit or multiple visits?
  7. How much does the procedure cost?

Getting these questions answered early in the process can make a big difference in determining if the procedure is a good fit for you. At your consultation, Dr. Troiano will answer these questions. She’ll also be able to explain other procedures that may be a good fit for you, so you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about your health.

3. Give your entire medical history

This is a judgement-free zone. Everything you share with Dr. Troiano is kept in the strictest confidence. You don’t want to have some seemingly minor detail coming up later on and being a roadblock in your procedure. The easiest way to avoid this is to share your complete medical history with Dr. Troiano before your procedure. That way, she can review your history and make sure there aren’t any surprises that might cause complications during your treatment.

4. Be open and honest about your wants

Let’s say it again: there’s no judgement here. Nobody knows what you want more than you do. Dr. Troiano finds the patients who get the results they want are the ones who truly understand (and share) what they want. They get the limitations of the procedures and they have a realistic idea of what they will look like after the treatment. They are doing this procedure for themselves; not for someone else or to be a part of some new beauty craze.

This is why an open, honest consultation is so important. Dr. Troiano can help you achieve the look you want and guide you to treatment options that give you the best chance at success

5. Be receptive

Dr. Troiano’s job is to give you the best chance for success in your procedure. Sometimes, in the moment, that may not sound like you expected. If you have a potential complication with a procedure or if the procedure will give you results that are less than you expect, Dr. Troiano will be up front and honest with you about that. However, it is better to hear that in a consultation than be disappointed with your results after the fact.

Dr. Troiano wants you to reach your beauty destination. However, that path may not be as straight a line as you might expect. Be open to Dr. Troiano’s expertise, and she will help you guide you through your journey.

6. Have realistic expectations

Dr. Troiano performs each of her procedures to maximize your chances for a positive outcome. However, there are some things that no surgeon can fully control, such as the way your body heals. You are doing this because you love your body and want it to look its best. Listen to what it tells you. You may need more or less time to heal than you thought. Give yourself the space and permission to have patience with your body as it heals. You will be glad you did.

Do what’s right for your body

Dr. Troiano knows that the plastic surgery journey is incredibly personal. No two patients are alike, and no two procedures are exactly the same. To make sure that your procedure has the best chance of success, Dr. Troiano will work with you to find the procedure that fits your resources, schedule, and lifestyle.

To begin this process, schedule your consultation with Dr. Troiano today. You’ll get the detailed information you need to make the best possible decision for your future.

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