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Keeping It Natural: The Newest Trends for a FaceliftTroiano Facial Plastics

The natural look is trending, not only when it comes to non-surgical cosmetic procedures like injectable fillers, but for all surgical procedures – most importantly, FACELIFTS!

The good news is, facelifts have come a long way from the days when it could sometimes be obvious that someone had work done. Patients do not want to have the ‘fake’ or ‘pulled’ look that allows society to determine who went under the knife and had a facelift and who didn’t.

New facelift techniques allow a variety of options that are more effective and offer much more subtle and natural, but rejuvenating, results.

What is the Goal?
In short: you, only better!

The newest and most innovative techniques can be used to deliver these hardly-noticeable results. Some updates to the facelift technique include:

The direction of the lift

The idea of simply pulling the skin back and suturing near the hairline is a thing of the past. Now, new techniques allow the features to be lifted vertically for more natural results.

Positioning of the tissue

New techniques also allow us to better address underlying issues that just pulling the skin back could not address, allowing us to move or remove fat and tissue to sculpt facial features in ways that better serve each patient’s facial structure and needs.

The depth of the procedure

We can go deeper into the facial structure now and manipulate the tissue at varying levels beneath the skin, giving us more traction and more effective ways to correct specific areas of the face with longer-lasting results. These advances also allow for better preservation of natural facial expressions and movements.

Each facelift procedure is unique and deserves its own custom approach that honors your personal needs and anatomical structures. With the correct approach, a patient can achieve a natural-looking result that will not only reflect your inner youth but can turn back the hands of time on your appearance.

Different facelift options are:

Mini facelift

A mini facelift is less invasive, but it is still a surgical procedure that generally targets the lower portion of the face. It is done by gently pulling the skin and tissues up through incisions in front of the ears to reposition loose, sagging skin and the tissue below it, resculpting the contours of the face.

It can help refresh your appearance and target the beginning signs of aging, such as jowls starting to form and a softening jawline. It will not address the cheek area or upper face.

If you are a younger patient looking for a small tweak or improvement in the lower portion of the face, a mini-facelift might be for you.

Mid facelift

Also known as a cheek lift, a mid facelift addresses one of the earliest signs of aging: sagging of the cheeks and the surrounding area. This procedure involves making incisions along the hairline or around the lower eyelids and trimming, lifting, and restructuring the area as needed.

A mid facelift gives the cheekbones a more youthful appearance, reduces the drag on the skin below the eyes, and smooths the “marionette” lines around the nose and mouth.

Recovery from a mid facelift is also quicker than a traditional facelift, but this procedure alone does not address the upper or lower face.

Full facelift

A full facelift addresses the entire face and can actually be a combination of surgical procedures and the technique depends on the patient and their goals. But generally, it involves the separation of skin, tissue and muscle so tissue can be tightened, removed or contoured as needed and it might include a brow lift or an upper eye lift, for example, and a cheek lift. It all depends on the areas that need correction and each patients’ overall aesthetic goals.

This option is best for addressing those with more significant signs of aging, such as sagging around the cheeks and jaw, folds around the mouth, and deep wrinkling in the upper, middle and lower-face.

Neck lift

Just as it sounds, a neck lift focuses on the area under the chin and above the chest. It can help correct sagging skin, multiple chins, or unwanted wrinkles and banding in the neck. This procedure can also improve overall facial contour and profile, bringing back definition in the jawline and neck.

It is very important to have a consultation with a highly trained and skilled surgeon who can educate you on the procedure, answer all your questions and concerns. You should feel comfortable and confident with your surgeon. Also, keep in mind you want a surgeon who wants to enhance your beauty, leaving you feeling confident and looking rejuvenated, and not looking as if you’re in a permanent wind tunnel!

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