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West Palm Beach Hairline Lowering

Hairline LoweringWest Palm Beach, FL

What Is Hairline Lowering?


Hairline lowering is a cosmetic enhancement procedure that addresses a common concern of a high hairline that is generally due to genetics or other factors. Patients who feel like their forehead may be too large or have noticed that their hairline receded, perhaps after other surgical procedures, can benefit from a hairline lowering procedure.

Hairline Lowering West Palm Beach

Hairline Lowering Procedure

The surgery works by creating an incision along the hairline, which also helps to reduce any visible scarring as new hair will start to grow through the scar. From there, your surgeon will remove excess skin from the forehead and bring the hairline further down to create a more harmonious final result. This is a delicate plastic surgery procedure that should only be performed by surgeons who have experience and specialized training in these types of procedures like Dr. Troiano.

For some patients, lowering the hairline might require multiple techniques to achieve the desired results. This is because, in some patients, we can also round out the hairline to make it appear more feminine. Hairline lowering and reshaping may also include hair grafting techniques to achieve the optimal result. During your consultation for hairline lowering West Palm Beach facial palstic surgeon, Dr. Troiano will be able to discuss the best approach for you.

Am I a Candidate for Hairline Lowering?

Hairline Lowering West Palm Beach


The hairline lowering procedure is most popular among women who have always felt like they needed to wear bangs because of a larger forehead, though it can be performed on any adult who is in good general health and is a candidate for the surgery.

During your initial consultation with Dr. Troiano, you can discuss your medical history, lifestyle, any medications you take, and discuss anything that may affect your ability to safely undergo treatment. If you are an applicable patient, you’ll be able to discuss the next steps towards scheduling your procedure.

How Much Does a Hairline Lowering Procedure Cost?

To calculate the cost of a hairline lowering procedure, Dr. Troiano will consider the various factors and technical costs associated with the surgery and the unique needs each West Palm Beach hairline lowering patient needs to achieve their desired results. You can discuss different payment options and costs with Dr. Troiano during your consultation.

Why Should I Choose Dr. Troiano for my hairline lowering?

West Palm Beach facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Chelsea Troiano is a fellowship-trained and double-board eligible female facial plastic surgeon, specializing in head and neck surgery and reconstructive procedures.

With her high-end facility, she offers effortlessly luxurious cosmetic enhancements to patients in Palm Beach and the surrounding cities in South Florida, such as Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and Boca Raton. Dr. Troiano understands the delicate nature of facial plastic surgery and how it can improve the overall symmetry of a patient’s face and even boost their overall confidence and quality of life.

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Hairline Lowering FAQs

This procedure is performed under general anesthesia to ensure no pain or discomfort is felt during surgery. After the procedure, patients may feel some discomfort, bruising, or swelling, which can be managed with medications and cold compresses.

The incision that is created for the hairline lowering procedure is placed right in front of the first hairs of the hairline. Depending on your hair growth pattern, which will be determined by Dr. Troiano at your consultation, new hair will grow out through the incision once it is healed. In some patients, with unfavorable hair growth patterns, this is not the case and the procedure may not be recommended.

A hairline lowering procedure can make a significant difference in the appearance of your overall facial structure and appearance. Many patients who undergo the treatment find that it can help them feel more confident and give them a more balanced face. It can also help to correct genetically high hairlines that may have caused patients to spend their youth wearing hats or getting teased by classmates.

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